Monday, October 7, 2013

System Recordings News - October 7, 2013

New Podcast Episode Available Now!


(1) 00:00 Diogo Bacchi, Rodrigo Gel - Soak House -
(2) 05:47 Monstergetdown - Tilt
(3) 09:19 Vince Delano - Mirame
(4) 13:51 Ajmal - Coma Sutra
(5) 18:08 Bruce A Evison - Disco Biz Kits
(6) 23:25 Flextra - Gozal
(7) 28:14 Ralph Kings - Face To Face
(8) 32:00 Mantas - Starfall

Mike Stern 'Apex EP'

MIKE STERN scales the heights with the progressive-meets-electro 'APEX EP', featuring "APEX", "GO!!!" and "ORBIT".

Haroun Omar & Naz 'Carpe Diem'

HAROUN OMAR & NAZ seize the day with the deep progressive "CARPE DIEM", featuring the ORIGINAL MIX and the CONSTAN REMIX.

Ian Storm ft. Katongo & Staz 'My Life'

IAN STORM comes alive with the anthemic progressive house "MY LIFE", featuring sultry vocals from KATONGO and an infectious hook courtesy of rapper STAZ.

Jamie Stewart 'Ruby/Magnum EP'

Fast-rising producer JAMIE STEWART comes with the peak-hour electro-tinged progressive 'RUBY/MAGNUM EP' featuring 2 main room bangers in the form of "RUBY" and "MAGNUM".

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